Tostada chips spread with frijoles, melted cheeses...and sprinkled with tomatoes and jalapeno chiles
...also with ground beef

Tostada chips spread with frijoles, melted cheese, guacamole, lettuce & tomato

A mild blend of avocados and spices served with a basket of chips

Cheese Dip
A delicious combination of cottage cheese, sour cream, muenster cheese & spices
...served with a basket of chips

Tostada Chips
Fresh & crispy tostada chips from our local tortilleria...served with our salsa


Chicken & Rice Soup
Our version of this favorite
...garnished with tomatoes & scallions

Spicy red hot soup with tripe & hominy, served with two corn tortillas & a side of onions

Ask your Server about Seasonal Homemade Soups

Enchilada dinners are served with rice, frijoles
...& a dessert sopapilla

Chicken Enchiladas
Your choice of red (milder) or green chile sauce spread on three corn tortillas and rolled with chicken, topped with melted cheese and garnished with scallions  

 Beef Enchiladas
Your choice of red (milder) or green chile sauce spread on three corn tortillas and rolled with beef, topped with melted cheese and garnished with scallions  

Enchiladas de Queso
Three rolled corn tortillas filled with muenster cheese & onions, topped with melted cheese, lettuce & tomatoes

Enchiladas de Jocoque
An extraordinarily delicious enchilada dish made with sour cream, cheddar cheese & spices

Enchiladas Suiza
Creamy spicy enchiladas made 
with a special chicken filling

Bluecorn Enchiladas
Natural Indian Blue Corn gives the tortillas for these enchiladas their deep natural flavor
.....the filling is a spicy cottage cheese mixture

Combination Plate
Two enchiladas (beef, chicken or jocoque) a beef taco, a tamale, frijoles & rice
A La Carte
Soft corn tortilla folded once and filled with...
frijoles & onions.......$1.25
ground beef.....$1.80
chicken & chile colorado sauce.....$1.80
....with cheese, lettuce & tomato

A flour tortilla rolled & filled with melted cheese...
frijoles & onions......$2.00
or beef & chile verde (spicy green sauce)...$3.75
or beef & chile colorado (milder red sauce).... $3.75
or beef, frijoles & chile verde......$4.50
or beef, frijoles & chile colorado......$4.50

Tostada Compuesta
A crispy corn tortilla spread with...
frijoles, onions & cheese.....$1.70
or frijoles, ground beef, spicy sauce & cheese....$2.85
or frijoles, cheese & guacamole..... $2.85
or frijoles, cheese, ground beef, spicy sauce & guacamole....$3.85
...topped with lettuce & tomato

Sopapilla Compuesta
A special dough made with milk and honey rolled flat and deep fried...spread with frijoles, cheese, onions, lettuce & tomato........$2.85

Large flour tortilla filled with melted muenster cheese and onions....$3.00
or two corn tortillas filled with melted cheese sprinkled with jalapenos & onions...$2.00
Add chicken......$2.00


Taco Plate
Three tacos ( two beef & One chicken)
served with rice and frijoles

Burrito plate
Two beef burritos,
one chile verde (spicier) & one chile colorado
served with rice & frijoles

** Huevos Rancheros
Lightly fried blue corn tortillas sprinkled with jalapeno chiles & onions topped with chile colorado sauce, two fried eggs & cheeses
...garnished with tomatoes & scallions 
served with frijoles & a flour tortilla

Chile Rellenos
Three HOT green chiles stuffed with cheese & onions, dipped in an egg batter and fried.  A gourmet treat served with corn tortillas, our own special sauce, 
rice & frijoles

Topopo Salad
A mountain of salad, the Mexican counterpart to the American Chef salad, with lettuce, tomatoes, shredded chicken, cheese, jalapenos, peas and scallions
......served on a bed of tortilla chips spread with frijoles, melted cheese & guacamole
1/2......$12.50      Full......$14.50

Pollo Fajitas
Marinated grilled select chicken strips & onions
...served with flour tortillas, rice and garnished with lettuce & tomatoes

Steak Fajitas
Steak marinated in different spices, cooked with select new mexican chiles, onions & tomatoes
....served with flour tortillas frijoles & rice

Your choice of spicy chicken or ground beef rolled in crispy tacos topped with cheese or guacamole, served with rice & frijoles
both toppings, add $1.00

A delicious deep fried burrito filled with...
beef, a spicy sauce & cheese....$7.00
or chicken, frijoles & cheese..... $7.00
...topped with your choice of sour cream or guacamole
both toppings, add....$1.00

New Menu Items
Made from deep fried masa, filled with your choice of frijoles, chicken  or beef and topped with.....
lettuce, tomato & cheese                                          $2.60
Make it a dinner..... 2 gorditas rice and frijoles     $7.35

Mole Enchiladas
Two chicken enchiladas dipped in a spicy, sweet enchilada sauce...topped with melted cheese & lettuce served with a side of rice                                          $7.50

Stimulus Enchiladas
Frijole based enchiladas covered in a very special chile sauce.... straight from the bosses pantry.... served with a side of rice &lettuce and tomato                         $8.00
Extra Cheese on Nachos and Dinners..........$1.85
extra cheese........ 95c a la carte
side of frijoles......$1.25
side of rice......$1.25
flour tortilla...... 25c
corn tortilla...... 20c
sour cream....... 85c
frijole tamale..... 75c
tamale (meat or veggie).....$1.65
side guacamole......$3.35

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